Why pick Organic?

It is important to understand how the fashion industry also impacts on our environment. Fast fashion uses a lot of energy and resources to make clothing.

At Lauren Dwyer it is important to choose sustainable garments that not only look good but do good too.
When you purchase an adult t-shirt from us this is the effect on the environment:
77.2 litres
of water saved
1.0 km
of driving emissions avoided
1.0 m2 of land
farmed without pesticides
Organic cotton is considered to be one of the most sustainable fibres for textile production;
it’s both natural and renewable whilst avoiding harmful pesticides and chemical fertilizers. 
The production of organic cotton uses methods and materials that have a low impact on our environment;
resulting in less soil and water contamination, less use of irrigated water, less green house gases and is GMO free.
Also the cotton farmers benefit from an improved standard of living.
Organic cotton garments are better for the environment, better for textile workers, better for farmers and better for you.