Sun's out - kids ©
Sun's out - kids ©

Sun's out - kids ©

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Sun's out ©

Nothing is better in the summer than a water fight - see your adult reading, all chilled on the chair. Go squirt them - trust us they'll love it - just don't tell them we sent you!

Ok plan B - because plan A may not be a great success. Grab some water guns and see out of you and your family and friends can stay the driest. Don't worry if  you lose as you secretly win because are garments are not only super soft but  machine washable too - so everyone is happy!


Our garments are printed by hand, so please care for them.

  • Machine wash at 30 degrees
  • Do not tumble dry, It will just mean you need to iron them
  • If you need to iron them, do so on the reverse of the print.

Colours Available: 

White (T-shirts / vest)

Grey (cotton hoodies / hooded onesie / zip hoodies)

Black (T-shirts / hooded onesies)

Styles / Sizes available:

T-shirts (0-6 years)

Vests (Newborn - 12 months)

Cotton hoodies (0-6 years)

Zip Hoodies ( 6 months-4 years)

Fleece zip onesies (6-12 months / 12-18 months / 18-24 months / 2-3 years)

Size guide available.