The start of something incredible!

The start of something incredible!

In December 2019, I sat down to write my unrealistic New Year's resolutions the usual things came to mind but I decided to really push it this year so I wrote "GO GREEN WITH THE BUSINESS".

So I decided, in March 2020 to go for it! 


Which meant saying goodbye to the majority of my best sellers because they used vinyl so I took the plunge and discontinued 259 designs, designs I had created over the course of 4 years. Designs inspired by my family, life experiences and you lovely lot! But I knew this chapter needed a fresh green start!

Goodbye to all of my stock because they weren't sustainable products and hello to a new range of products and prints! Starting from scratch essentially.

So here I am, redesigning a new website, designs and seeking the best environmentally friendly products I can find, in the middle of a virus pandemic. Which has made me, and I know the majority of people, revalue what matters in life.

What matters to me, is for my family to be healthy and happy in a sustainable world. I have realised that I am only one person but I know I can make a difference, for them. 

I want my children's children to see animals that right now face extinction. To reduce our plastic waste and help the environment so I decided to plant a tree for every t-shirt sold to help reduce the temperature of the world, create habitats for wild life and to reforest areas of woodland which has been destroyed by generations before me. 

All whilst continuing to do a job I love as well as my bit for the environment too.

I have sourced biodegradable packaging, created tags from recycled paper, made business cards from plantable paper and so many other little elements which contribute to my mission.

I am excited about this new chapter. 

I hope you are too.




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